Nytt solosläpp av Ricky Warwick

Här kommer en av årets mest efterlängtade albumsläpp.

Det är Ricky Warwick som släpper When life was hard and fast – och han gör ingen besviken.



När nordirländaren Ricky Warwick, till vardags i Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders och The Almighty, är med och släpper någon ny platta så brukar det vara bra.

Ja, det brukar väl till och med vara skitbra – och det gäller inte minst Black Star Riders. Thin Lizzy behöver man ju liksom inte ens nämna …

Han har dock även släppt en del soloplattor och den första kom 2002: Tattoos & alibis.

Nu är det alltså dags för ett nytt solosläpp och det blir elva låtar på When life was hard and fast. Ricky Warwick, som köpte sin första elgitarr som 13-åring, berättar själv om låtarna i ett pressutskick.

When life was hard and fast
A song co-written with my good friend Sam Robinson (we worked together previously on my last solo album). The song echoes sentiments of growing up and chasing your dreams and the friends you lose along the way. How sometimes life seemed easier when you were younger although at the time it didn’t. Joe Elliott of Def Leppard sings backing vocals on this track.

You don’t love me
A direct song with a direct meaning … realising that you are wasting your time in a relationship when the other person doesn’t feel the same way about you as you do about them. Luke Morley from Thunder plays a wonderful guitar solo on this song.

I’d rather be hit
”I’d rather be hit by any man than hurt by any woman” is really a metaphor for why our politicians continue to let us down. Humanity seems to be the last thing they care about. Peace, love and understanding are sadly dirty words. Andy Taylor ex-Duran Duran and Power Station plays one of his trademark guitar solos on this song.

A song written by Willy Deville (aka Mink Deville) it was the B side of his big 1977 hit Spanish stroll. I had the 7-inch single of this and have been wanting to cover it for years! One of my managers, Adam Parsons, guests on drums on this song.

Never corner a rat
A song based on a conversation I had with an ex-US Marine and how he felt the system in the country that he fought for and loves has let him down.

Time don’t seem to matter
Probably the most personal song on the record to me. Written for my youngest daughter Pepper. And what an absolutely proud father moment to have her sing on the song with me. This is the demo version of the song, we tried to re-record it for the album, but felt we couldn’t better the vibe and feel we had on the demo.

Fighting heart
The first song Keith and I wrote for the album. A song about never giving up on anything or anyone. Sticking with your ideals and not changing your ways to impress someone.

I don’t feel at home
A song about drug addiction and how it affects not only the victim but their family and friends. A song about looking for a way out of a situation but being too ashamed to ask for help. Dizzy Reed of Guns N’ Roses plays keyboards on this track, one of three tracks on the album he played on.

Still alive
I love the movie Hell or high water. This was the inspiration behind this song and the characters development in it. Keith Nelson plays some sublime slide guitar on this one.

Clown of misery
This is a demo idea that I sang into my phone and sent to Keith. Again we really like the simplicity of it, so we decided not to mess with it. The song is about laughing on the outside while your crying on the inside.

You’re my rock ’n roll
A bombastic ode to the power, majestic and life affirming addiction that is rock ’n roll

The true spirt of rock ’n roll is a relentless pursuit that consumes me on a daily basis. Chasing after it, making this record was a race well run.

Ricky Warwick

Det är rock ’n’ roll. Det är klassisk rock ’n’ roll. Det är hårdrock som det doftar retro över. Det är knappast stenhårt utan kanske snarare något som hamnar i gubbrock-facket, men det är liksom Ricky Warwick i högform och man bara måste älska det!

Topp tre? When life was hard and fast, I’d rather be hit och Fighting heart … och You don’t love me som skickar ut en del Tom Petty-vibbar.

Musikälskare sedan liten skit ... Fem album man måste ha i samlingen? Oasis - (What's the Story?) Morning glory, The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 sound, Tom Petty - Full moon fever, U2 - The Joshua Tree, Dire Straits - Brothers in arms och Bruce Springsteen - Born in the U.S.A. Det gick inte att välja fem ...

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