The Rumjacks
Sleepin' rough
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Löjligt imponerande, The Rumjacks!

Varför inte testa lite celtic folk/punkrock från Australien?

Kolla då in The Rumjacks som har släppt det fantastiska albumet Sleepin’ rough.

The Rumjacks (Frankie McLaughlin, Johnny McKelvey, Anthony Matters, Gabriel Whitbourne och Adam Kenny) har hunnit med att släppa tre album sedan bildandets 2008.

  • Gangs of New Holland (2010)
  • Sober & godless (2015)
  • Sleepin’ rough (2016)

Vi får en sprudlande celtic folk/punkrock och den senaste plattan Sleepin’ rough är grymt skön.

  1. Patron saint o’ thieves
  2. Zielona Gora
  3. A fistful o’ roses
  4. Fact’ry Jack
  5. ’Eight beers’ McGee
  6. Murder shanty
  7. Les Darcy
  8. Dead to me
  9. Kathleen
  10. WKND (Flash new breeks)
  11. Them fallen
  12. The pot & kettle

Redan efter första låten, Patron saint o’ thieves, sitter man där med ett brett leende.

Auld Nick patron saint o’ thieves, murderers and sailors

Strike these shackles from me uh-huh

Slide the bolt from out the door and tear down all the wire

My baby’s growin cold and I’m on fire


The aind that whistles off the hills and carries her perfume

Carries too a lonely carol badly out of tune

For just tonight beyond them walls I’d lay a mountain low

And sing to her like only I know how


They don’t hang no fairy lights these rusty iron bars

So I’ll burn a paper lamp for her to see

Though she’s left like a widow of a war that never was

There’s a light still burns in me

Det är trummor, flöjter, mandoliner … Vi får allt. Det fortsätter i samma stil med Zielona Gora och A fistful o’ roses.

Oh I’ve loved you from afar, I’ve borne you like a scar

Sung your name across the bloody Colfiorito

But a poison took your heart, you charmless little tart

Now you’ve nary a jot o’ bother at all for me-o

This old town has gone to bits, all the folk are off their tits

Screamin’, ”Hoo-rah! Hurry the fuck t’blazes!”

A right parade o’ fools come to stomp all o’er yer jewels

Like a fistful o’ half dead roses


And we’re here again, ho again, let the whisky flow again

Let the taps blow again, sound away the knell

Like a fistful o’ roses, we’ll take ’em to the grave

Every last tale there is to tell

Det är tre låtar in på plattan. Det är tre sylvassa låtar.

Detta kommer att bli en favoritplatta utan tvekan!

Sedan får vi Fact’ry Jack, en historia om Jack Drury.

Old Jack Drury worked at the brewery

Luggin’ them bottles & cans

’Til the steam age came crushed six mens jobs

And Jackies two good hands

So they killed the lights and chained the doors

They were fresh back from a bloody war

So for three whole days kept the coppers at bay

Raidin’ the company store


Our Jack he were a hell of a clown

Even the march o’ years couldn’t run him down

He were a real human, rough-cut diamond

Theyre never many around

He said, ”Angers wasted on the youth

And wisdom on the old it’s the truth

I put the kids through hell but I taught em’ well

How to tip it all on its roof.”


Oh dear what can the matter be?

Seven young men they we’re locked in a factory

They were there from Thursday to Saturday

Oh what a horrid affair

Oh dear what can the matter be?

Seven young men they were locked in a factory

They were there from Thursday to Saturday

Oh what a sorry affair

Plattan innehåller tolv låtar. Det är bara till att välja en och lyssna. Vilken du än väljer (kanske inte Dead to me) så väljer du rätt. Allting är lysande!





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