Blood future
Mermaid Records

Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen och IAMJJ

IAMJJ skickar ut sin debutplatta Blood future.

Och det är ett minst sagt spännande och bra album som vi får av den unge dansken.

Bakom IAMJJ döljer sig den 24-årige singer-songwritern Jakob Stenfatt Jensen. Han har sina influenser från artister som Tom Waits, Nick Cave och Leonard Cohen. Och man kan säga att det hörs …

På hans debutplatta får vi 13 låtar:

  1. Clyse
  2. Blood future
  3. You in my arms
  4. Bomay roof
  5. Homer
  6. China
  7. Different kind of blues
  8. If I took you to the ocean
  9. Super hero Eva
  10. Supersonic
  11. Lion of the beach
  12. Truckers
  13. Susie May

Så här skriver han i ett pressutskick:

If I wasn’t making music that reminded me how shitty life can be, then I wouldn’t be able to enjoy being happy.

IAMJJ ger oss ganska mörk musik. Det är mörkt och melankoliskt, men samtidigt är det ganska lätt att ta till sig. Det är ett skönt soft gung i den här pop/alternativa rock-musiken. Det gör att så fort man har hört en låt så vill man höra mer.

Tom Waits, Nick Cave och Leonard Cohen kan alla vara mästerliga i det de gör, men ibland kan det bli lite väl mörkt. IAMJJ hamnar aldrig där. Även om det är mörkt så bjuder han i alla fall på ett skönt gung. Det blir både mörkt och ljust på något sätt.

Dra bara i gång förstaspåret Clyse så får de en riktig pärla. Där var en annan fast. Det var bara att lyssna och lyssna. IAMJJ gör det verkligen bra och han gör det bra på varenda låt så det är bara till att luta dig tillbaka, dra upp volymen på förstärkaren ordentligt och låta IAMJJ göra sin grej under 47 minuter.

Bästa spåren? Clyse, Bomay roof, Homer, Different kind of blues och If I took you to the ocean.

IAMJJ berättar själv om alla låtarna:

1) Clyse

The album opens with the bang that is Clyse. Tinted by the disappointment of a broken friendship and the death of a close relative, Clyseis for and about those who are missed. ”Losing someone is like losing a part of yourself. A piece of your heart is torn out, but that leaves room for something new too.”

2) Bloody future

”All the things you’ve got on me – let it go or let it be”. The message of the title track is clear – IAMJJ doesn’t care what you or anyone thinks of him! Meanwhile Bloody future also comprises a criticism of the double standards the singer finds to be ingrained in his generation – something even he can’t refuse. ”It’s almost like opening a bag of peanuts – you tell yourself you’ll only eat a couple, but you end up eating the whole damn thing, and afterwards you’re still left hungry. It’s drawing a line for yourself, only to cross it, and you do it time and time again.”

3) You in my arms

Light and darkness collide on this romantically titled track. You in my arms deals with the dark side of the parties. “It is like being held by a woman while being too busy dealing with your own shit, to really be there.”

4) Bomay roof

The ecstatic guitar hits you like a ray of warm sunlight, on this festival banger, Bomay roof. “The song is about having been so close to the darkness, you could almost kiss it, and insisting to dwell on it – almost reminiscing about it, being even worse than it ever really was.”

5) Homer

Homer finds IAMJJ with a thumping hangover, jamming over the status of his life. With themes of love, respect and the future, going through his mind, reality doesn’t seem to make any sense, and all IAMJJ really wants to do, is keep feeling the way he did last night.

6) China

”She haven’t found her goal so I am digging a hole, to China where I lost my soul.”China is the sound of sleepless summer nights, riding the impulse of love, and not being able to sleep from the heat. ”The track is all about dreaming yourself away, when you feel the world is moving too slow.”

7) Different kind of blues

The depiction of a generation that finds comfort and escape in facades and instant photo filters – one that mistakes fleeting connections for deep-rooted relationships. Different kind of blues is an understated scolding of a youth hiding behind masks and celebrating the superficial.

8) Super hero Eva

The smoldering Superhero Eva is about messing around with your fantasy heroine. ”Eva is the vision of a woman who doesn’t just succumb to my ideas, but lets me know when I’m wrong.”

9) If I took you to the ocean

With vocals reminiscent of the late Leonard Cohen, If I took you to the ocean is a whispering and confrontational take on relationships, expectations and disappointment, while IAMJJ wonders whether the experiences life gives you, makes you stronger or weaker.

10) Supersonic

Supersonic was written for a woman I admire and measure myself against”. A top the heavy Lynchian beat, is a song about appreciating where you’re from – especially when you’re in too deep.

11) Lion of the beach

The majestic animal strolls boldly through the sand on this raw and sneaky track, that takes on the feeling of being ”the illest of the illest” – king of the jungle – Lion on the beach.

12) Truckers

Truckers is about having to drive slower than everyone else, even though you’re sitting far above them all. It’s about looking back on your youth, regretting the things you didn’t do. It’s about realizing how all this extra cargo might benefit someone else.”

13) Susie May

Bloody future’s grand sortie is the stadium-melancholic Susie May.”This is about the future – will I find my Susie May and marry her, or what does life have in store for me?”


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